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LibreWRT "Creative Craftsman" 2.0-release is out!

Welcome to the LibreWRT project, one of the world's first GNU/Linux-libre distros that is targeted toward embedded devices.


What is LibreWRT

LibreWRT is a GNU/Linux-libre distribution for computers with minimal resources, such as the Ben Nanonote, ath9k based wifi routers, and other hardware that respects your freedom. Read more.

Breaking news and announcements for the LibreWRT Project

Apr 18 2014

We're calling for people to inspect packages for the upcoming Version 3 "Dormant Dragon". If you are interested, see Becoming a package inspector.

Jul 15 2013

LibreWRT "Creative Craftsman" 2.0-release is out!

Mar 6 2012

More than a year after the release of our current stable version (Bright Ben), support for version 0 (codename Absolute Alpha) will soon be terminated:

Get started with LibreWRT

Get involved

  • Mailing List - Join the LibreWRT mailing list to stay informed and discuss all things LibreWRT.
  • IRC - Chat in real-time with other LibreWRT users & developers
  • Bug Tracker - Identify, report & help solve bugs.
  • Becoming a package inspector - Help us inspect packages to determine if they are free or not
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